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Florida aquaman drives a Ferrari straight into the drink

This followed an interaction with a police officer

Often the worst and most annoying part of security footage is that there is no sound to the video. Viewers are left to their own imaginations as people on camera are seen doing strange or dumb things. A recent video from Florida has us wishing a police officer would have been mic'd up for a conversation he had moments before a person got into a Ferrari and drove it right into a body of water.

Reported by WPTV and blogged by Car Throttle, the dash camera on a police car caught 48-year-old James Mucciaccio Jr. doing something that makes absolutely zero sense (before the Florida bath salts jokes come out, neither drugs nor alcohol were involved). The morning of Dec. 26, a police officer got out of his cruiser and approached a blue Ferrari 360 that was parked on a gated dock on the Palm Beach Inlet just off of the Atlantic Ocean.

Based on the soundless video, it appears Mucciaccio and the officer had a civil conversation likely suggesting that the car couldn't be parked there. Mucciaccio then hustled to get into the car and looked to be backing out of the dock. But before he passed the gate, he stopped, then switched out of reverse as evidenced by the blinking lights on the car. He then gunned it and drove the Ferrari straight off the dock and into the water. Considering the interaction seemed to be completely calm, it's mind-boggling trying to imagine what Mucciaccio was thinking, if it was indeed on purpose.

And no, there is no word yet as to why exactly he did what he did.

According to the report, Mucciaccio was not injured and was rescued by a friendly observer. After the Ferrari sank 30 feet to the bottom, it was pulled out using inflatables.

For more photos of the crashed Ferrari both above and below water, check out images from the Code 3 Divers here. Surprisingly, this is not the first time Code 3 has pulled a Ferrari out of the water.

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