2020 Mercedes CLA interior and assistant teased ahead of CES

A new video shows off motion-activated dome lights

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA is due to be revealed at CES next week, and the Germans are giving us a quick hint of what we're going to see. This teaser video showcases a motion-activated dome light — hot stuff, right? We're sure you're as enthused as we are to be teased with such luxury, but a feature like this does prompt questions.

Will it only function when the car is in park? What other ways are there to get the light pop on? Mercedes says it's part of the new Interior Assistant in the CLA. We'll learn all about what this assistant can do for you at CES, since it's said to have more functionality than flicking the lights on and off. All we know for now is that the passenger side light will turn on when you reach over to the passenger seat.

Other than the lighting, we can see that the interior styling looks nearly identical to the new A-Class. Everything down to the center stack and button layout follows in the A-Class' footsteps. We're not saying that as though it's a bad thing. The A220 we recently drove was absolutely stunning for a compact luxury car on the inside. We can make out some text on the dash that reads out " Edition 1," which indicates Mercedes appears to be planning that special-edition car right from the get-go, too.

Rumors point to this car being only a few inches longer than the A220. This prompts a few questions: Why is Mercedes introducing a second compact luxury sedan that is almost the exact same size, but with a similar interior to boot? Maybe the CLA will be a bit more luxurious and stylish, but is it really enough to differentiate itself from the A-Class? The standard engine is expected to be the same 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder as the A220, and we expect a CLA 45 eventually. If the report from yesterday is true, that car will put out over 400 horsepower with an electronically-controlled drift mode. Check back next week for the full run-down on the CLA after Mercedes shows it to us in Las Vegas.

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