Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur shows how you can customize a Macan S

It features a sport exhaust, a motorsport diffuser and a unique interior

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Macan S
  • Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Macan S
  • Porsche's in-house customization firm improves the mini SUV with finer materials and better performance products.
  • Image Credit: Porsche
  • Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Macan S
  • Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Macan S
  • Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Macan S
  • Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Macan S
  • Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Macan S
In a world of fakes, frauds, wannabes, and try-hards, the Porsche Macan is the real deal. It's a true-to-word performance SUV (or crossover, depending who you are) that delivers an extremely rare blend of lifted utility and fun driving. Porsche recently updated the Macan for 2019 with a newly available 3.0-liter turbocharged V6, and now Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur has given it a subtle once-over to solidify its luxury claims.

Manufaktur, a craft in-house design and customization firm, is known for its beautiful creations. In the recent past, we've seen their works in the form of a limited-edition 911 Turbo S and a 911 Turbo 993 dubbed "Project Gold." This one-off is not as extreme as those, but it is a unique example of how Manufaktur could take the Macan S, which it used as the base, to new heights.

The exterior has several modifications. The body has a Volcano Grey paint scheme, which extends to painted side sills, and more aggressive custom front and rear end body pieces. Manufaktur claims the rear diffuser was taken from motorsport and that new 20-inch wheels have been developed specifically for the new Macan. Manufaktur notes that several parts can also be color-matched or contrasted with gloss black.

The interior materials can all be built-to-sample as opposed to what is offered on normal series vehicles. The Macan here is shown in two-tone black and Mojave Beige leather. The Sport Chrono stopwatch, the instrument panel, and the seatbelts are also done up in Mojave Beige. An Anthracite Chestnut package, which was introduced on the Cayenne, finishes the interior package. To create this specific look, Porsche colors the chestnut and puts metal bits behind the veneer. The steering column, the floormats, the seat embroidery, and other interior pieces can also be customized.

On this specific vehicle, Manufaktur chose to make minimal changes to anything performance. The one alteration was the addition of a sport exhaust system.

Porsche did not specify availability or price, mainly because customizations such as these cannot be pinned down to one thing or one time period. However, the Macan is already one of the most expensive compact luxury SUVs. Sending anything to Exclusive Manufaktur will surely take time and will surely light checkbooks on fire.

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