Drunk driving occurrences always skyrocket around holidays, but none more so than celebrating the New Year. Typically, the wee hours of the morning on January 1 will see more drunk driving than any other time of year, but where in the U.S. is it most dangerous? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released data on drunk driving deaths for 2017, and we have the breakdown for you.

Every state is ranked by the most driving deaths attributed to drunk driving per capita in a year. Coming in at number one on the list is Wyoming, with 7.59 deaths per 100,000 people. It's worth noting that Wyoming is only home to about 600,000 people, but the ratio is what we're looking at here. South Carolina is in second place — check out the rest of the top five below.
Most drunk driving deaths
In 2016, Montana was number one on the list, with 9.58 deaths per 100,000 people. It's down to only 5.33 for 2017, a big improvement. In general, the worst five all put up better numbers (meaning fewer deaths) than what we saw in 2016. That's clearly a positive development. Now let's move onto the states performing best.

The safest roads from drunk drivers on New Year's Eve will be in New Jersey and New York, according to this data. New Jersey has the fewest fatalities due to drunk driving per capita and New York is in second. Of course, New York City is a madhouse on New Year's, but the statistics don't lie. Perhaps some of the credit for this goes to the public transportation and ride-sharing industries in these metropolitan hubs, keeping drunk drivers out of their cars.
Safest roads
An analysis of the data by Safewise pointed to a few different reasons for why the worst five states ranked where they did. Four out of the worst five have no minimum jail time for first-time DUI offenders, and the same number don't require any alcohol abuse or treatment after a DUI conviction, while the majority of states do require it. Also, the average fine for the first DUI in the worst states is $300, while the average is $524 in the states that had the fewest deaths per capita.

If you're interested to see where your state fell, check out the full list here, or get a general idea of it in the state-by-state chart above. Of course, we at Autoblog urge everyone to find a safe way home this coming week if you choose to consume adult beverages while out celebrating the New Year. Uber and Lyft are far cheaper than a DUI in any state.

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