Watch a BMW fly through the air then slam into the top of a tunnel

The driver gets some serious hang time

A man and his BMW went flying in Slovakia over the weekend, and not in a good way. Footage from a highway camera shows what might be an X3 launching from a ramp-like structure on the side of the road, up into the top of a tunnel just ahead. What's most incredible is how much airtime the BMW gets once it's up there. The driver appears to have carried a fair amount of speed to get the vehicle up that high.

Police in Slovakia say the 44-year-old driver escaped with only bruises, no broken bones. The driver is lucky he only has those bumps to deal with, because the crash looks much more terrifying than that. Clipping the top of the tunnel sends the car into a 360-degree spin that looks more like Grand Theft Auto than anything. Police pictures of the aftermath show a car that's almost unrecognizable.

Shockingly, police said alcohol had nothing to do with the incident. The driver is said to have experienced a bout of "microsleep." This is described as a loss of consciousness anywhere between a fraction of a second to 30 seconds. It doesn't take long to drift off the road when it's curving and dark outside while asleep.

Go ahead and just play that video on repeat till you can believe it actually happened. We can't be sure how fast he was driving when the car took off, but 40-50 mph would be conservative.

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