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This wacky-pants RV cost its owner $815,738

And that's just the beginning of its awesome absurdity (there's a diamond-quilted toilet)

Update: This bad boy sold on Dec. 21 with a winning bid of $77,998.

Today could've been perfectly productive, but then I stumbled upon this little gem on Bring a Trailer. And by little, I mean "in no way little" and by gem, I mean "there's probably a literal gem somewhere in this crazy thing."

Meet the 1998 Mauck MSV Custom RV. It resides in Neptune, N.J. It underwent an extremely substantial "restoration" in 2007 and since then has traveled a whopping 5,000 miles. It has dihedral-hinged supercar-style front doors. It has special pedals with GO and B milled out of solid metal. Every inch of the interior is covered in Alcantara and leather, often diamond-quilted. That includes the toilet seat.

There are 21 exterior glass panels, restyled LED headlights, an integrated winch (why not?), forged and polished 19-inch wheels, a solar charging system, and a hydraulic leveling system. Once in the driver's seat you'll be greeted by custom gauges and a tiny sports car steering wheel (exactly what you want when driving an RV). Beyond that you'll find a central vacuum system, several flat-screen TVs, a bed with flip-up window to the world beyond, and enough control units to rival a Los Angeles-class submarine. Oh, and this trim is absolutely EVERYWHERE.

Mechanically, this RV is a "gas pusher" meaning the engine is mounted in the back. The engine in question is a "Jasper Engines-sourced 8.1-liter V8 featuring Procharger supercharger and paired with a Bionic 80 automatic transmission and a Currie-built Ford nine-inch rear end featuring a Trutrac limited-slip differential." As I'm not exactly up on my RV powertrains beyond knowing what a "gas pusher" is, I'll just assume it's as delightfully absurd as the rest of the RV.

If not, though, perhaps the next owner could consider swapping in something from a Porsche 911 Turbo.

Oh, and I haven't even touched on the best part ... well, beyond plastering it in the above headline. The price tag for customizing this 1998 Mauck RV came to $815,738. Yowza. All of that is documented by the endless pages of invoices from AI Design in New Jersey that are included in the Bring a Trailer auction page. So, yeah, I sure hope those 5,000 miles represented one helluva trip.

Now, should you be interested in this little gem, and I really think you should be, the current bid price has reached $30,000. There is a reserve, so who knows what the owner is hoping for, but I have a sneaking suspicion they may not get the entirety of their original investment back. Just a guess.

Make sure to check out the listing because there are 248 photos (and invoices) of awesomeness.

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