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Porsche offers anti-theft systems for classic Porsches

Porsche says the hidden hardware is extremely difficult to remove

It's not unusual to see notifications of stolen classic Porsches on social media these days, especially as 911 values and auction prices are sky-high. Now, Porsche is taking measures to prevent thefts of classic Porsches with anti-theft systems tailored for its older vehicles.

Porsche's Classic Vehicle Tracking System consists of hidden sensors around the car, connected to a Europe-wide security network. The manufacturer says all older Porsches can be fitted with the setup, from vintage, six-volt 356s to the Carrera GT.

According to Porsche, the hidden hardware is extremely time-consuming to remove from the vehicle, and all tampering attempts will result in the owner receiving a notification through the anti-theft system's mobile app. An alarm is, naturally, also sounded even when there's an attempt to disable the security system by removing the car's battery. However, if the car is successfully stolen and the owner acknowledges this via the app, the system notifies authorities and tracks the vehicle's whereabouts via GPS monitoring. Using GPS jammers will also trigger the alarm. The engine can also be remotely prevented from being restarted, a measure that can only be undone by authorized Porsche security system installers at Porsche Centers. U.S. availability for the anti-theft system hasn't yet been announced.

The system takes between one and four hours to install, and Porsche says it's about 1,000 euros ($1,140) to fit, with a monthly 20 euro ($23) service charge. Perhaps that's a small fee for a good night's sleep.

Porsche also offers a "Bear-Lock" shifter lock for its future classic models, such as the 986 and 987 and the 997. If there's enough interest, suitable shifter locks will be offered for other models as well. The lock is simple but effective: On manual models it locks the car in reverse, and on automatic models the device prevents the shifter from being taken out of Park.

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