Bail set at $1.1M for man suspected of pushing stranger into street in video

A passing truck struck the victim, but he survived

Warning: The contents of this video are disturbing and may not be suitable for all.

A man in Los Angeles has been charged with attempted murder after he pushed another man into the street as a truck was driving by. The violent act was seemingly done at random but police said it was the third attack from the same person within a week. He is also charged with assault and theft.

As seen on KTLA, the attack was caught on tape by a nearby surveillance camera in downtown L.A. As the pedestrian walks by, the attacker in a yellow coat sitting on a bench suddenly gets up and shoves the man into the street. The passing truck hits the pedestrian, pinning him beneath a tire before backing up several seconds later. The attacker is then seen picking up a bracelet the victim dropped and walking away.

The victim suffered several serious injuries but was expected to recover.

According to reports, the attacker also tackled a woman and punched another woman in the same vicinity. Again, these two attacks seemed to be unprovoked. He is facing one felony count of premeditated attempted murder, three felony counts of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury, and one misdemeanor count of petty theft, according to a city document. Bail was set at $1.1 million.

The attacker faces life in prison if convicted.

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