CandyLab Toys is rethinking the diecast car with ... wood

An attempt to reinvigorate the magic of an affordable toy car

The market for toy cars has never been bigger, more impressive, more diverse, or more accessible. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and range from $0.50 gas station pieces of plastic to Lego's complex and functional $350.00 ... err, pieces of plastic. And yet, there are still small niche spaces for new products. Makers of some of our favorite vintage-style wooden cars, CandyLab Toys, is preparing to launch a completely new style that pairs the traditional diecast toy with the premium feel of wood.

Similar to how the company first launched its original line, CandyLab turned to Kickstarter to put the new idea into motion. As of Thursday morning, Nov. 15, with 19 days still to go, 236 backers had raised $13,820, well above the $5,000 goal. For a single mystery car, it costs the backer $6. For $216, the top-end package, the buyer will receive eight of each of the six different styles of cars.

So what's the big deal? Well, these cars took about two years of research and development before reaching the final design. The base of the car is essentially an alloy diecast plate, with small wheels attached. On top of that is a beechwood body painted with "metallic foil accents." A custom wood screw attaches the two.

CandyLab is equally as excited about the packaging. In memory of the days when Matchbox cars actually came in small toy-sized single-serve boxes, each wooden diecast car comes in a colorful thoughtfully designed single-car package. There are six different types of rides at initial launch: Taxi Turvy, Red Racer #5, Blue Racer #8, Bubble Gum, Woodie, and Shewiff. The names are pretty self-explanatory of the personalities of each.

Despite being a Kickstarter, CandyLab notes that current orders will immediately ship when the campaign comes to an end. That should ensure the cars are delivered in time for that big day in December. We know what we'll be getting for stocking stuffers.

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