6 great car polishes | Autoblog's favorites

Looking to bring some shine back to your ride?

Looking for the best car polish around? Here's a list of 6 of our favorites.

Meguiar's M82 Mirror Glaze - $15.60
This polish is specially blended to remove fine scratches while providing a sheen.

Meguiar's M20508 Mirror Glaze - $12.16
This polish removes swirls and provides an extremely high reflective gloss.

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish by Nu Finish - $7.49
There's no rubbing or buffing needed with this polish. It contains absolutely no wax.

Meguiar's Clear Coat Safe Polish - $7.99
This Meguiar's option can remove some hazing and light swirls from your paint finish.

Adam's Revive Hand Car Polish - $21.99
This polish uses only high-end, American-manufactured chemicals.

AMMO Spit Emergency Shine - $17.00
This spray wax is meant for quick touchups. It's quick, safe, and comes in a spray bottle.

What polish do you use to make your ride shine?

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