Ice-T arrested for not paying a toll — in his new McLaren

Arrested? For not paying a toll?

He plays a cop on TV, but that wasn't enough to keep rapper/actor Ice-T from getting arrested Wednesday morning — with the real cops saying he evaded paying a toll on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge.

T, who plays an NYPD detective on "Law & Order: SVU," was in the E-ZPass lane, for cars with a toll transmitter. His brand-new McLaren 720S did not have one. And, being new and freshly shipped in from California, the McLaren didn't have license plates yet, either, another matter the Port Authority police took exception to. In some states, you don't get plates right away. It's unclear whether he had a temporary tag, but presumably the cops figured the lack of plates was part of an attempt to elude the toll.

Ice-T told center-of-the-celebrity-news-universe TMZ that he forgot he didn't have his E-ZPass, and that he has seven of them. (And therefore, he must have at least that many cars. Wonder if they're all on the order of the McLaren — yeah, based on his Instagram account, that appears to be a yes.) More money, more problems.

He says he was arrested but was allowed to leave the scene of what can only loosely be termed as the crime, and went to work on the "SVU" set, equipped with fresh background material on police work.

So, high-profile guy, extremely high-profile car. Doesn't catch a break for portraying a cop, and perhaps that even worked against him. And his Twitter followers offer a couple of other entirely plausible explanations. But to arrest anyone for not paying a toll? Cue that weird sound effect in the "SVU" opening: Chunk-chunk.

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