This personal jet glider turns science fiction into reality

A truly exhilarating experience

Transcript: Turning science fiction into reality. Petworks' aviation division has created a "personal jet glider" called M-02J. Created by their OpenSky division M-02J has a max speed of 124 mph with a cruising speed of 31 to 56 mph. M-02J has an expected flight time of 15 minutes, but OpenSky claims that it can increase with the help of wind. The aircraft weighs 146 lbs and has an occupant weight limit of 110 lbs. It's operated by lying facedown on a hanging frame. The hanging frame allows the pilot to use their center of gravity to raise and lower the aircraft by moving forward and backward. Roll movement is controlled by the pilot rolling their body to one direction or the other within the frame. Throttle is operated by the handles. The OpenSky program created the M-02J to encourage and inspire the possibility of turning science fiction into reality. The M-02J personal jet glider cost over $267k to produce and OpenSky has no plans to mass produce the aircraft.

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