Fortnite has introduced a new vehicle

It's the biggest game in the world so we're going to talk about it

Transcript: Fortnite has introduced a new vehicle to the game called the 'Quadcrasher.' The ATV can only be used in Battle Royale mode, but it can carry two players at once. Before the Quadcrasher, the only "vehicle" options were shopping carts and golf carts.

The Quadcrasher includes a large rocket booster on the back that helps the ATV "crash" through walls, no matter the material. Handling is a bit more loose compared to previous vehicles like the golf cart, due to the absence of a drift option. Quadcrasher's downside is that it's very loud, making it easier for other players to locate the vehicle on the playing field.

Prolific Fortnite streamer 'Ninja' managed to pull off this stunning trick shot off the back of the vehicle the day after it was released.

What are your thoughts on the new Quadcrasher?

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