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2020 Chevy Trax spied sporting design cues from the new Blazer

A big change in personality for the Trax is afoot

  • Image Credit: SpyPix
We saw spy shots in August for what we thought was either a redesigned Chevrolet Trax or new GMC subcompact crossover. At the time we were leaning Chevy. But after this latest batch of spy shots taken near GM's proving grounds, we're now thinking this one is the Trax replacement and the other one was a GMC.

For one, the thin row of LEDs looks remarkably similar to the 2019 Chevy Blazer's LED strip. The additional light slightly below that is similar to the Blazer as well, leading us to believe that the next Trax will have a Blazer-esque front end. At first glance, this vehicle looks slightly larger than today's Trax with a much brawnier shape than the current blob-like design. The rear roof cladding could be hiding the same sloped rear window with spoiler hangover we see on the Blazer.

Circling back to the other small GM crossover we caught testing, this one doesn't have those Blazer elements. The curved windshield and sloping roof are like those of the GMC Terrain, as are the horizontal grille bars. By contrast, the above car has a straighter windshield and a roof shaped more like the Blazer. One element that does seem to diverge from the new Blazer are the taillights, but they don't exactly look production-ready anyway.

If we're right about this being the next Trax (and we're pretty sure we are) then this looks to be a more distinctive vehicle than what it will replace. The mirrors have left their awkward spot on the doors, and it's shaping up to be a much sportier looking crossover as a whole. This vehicle will most likely end up being a 2020 model year car, and if so, we would expect to see undisguised photos of both it and the assumed GMC version next year.

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