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Cadillac moving back to Detroit after four years in New York City

Former head Johan de Nysschen left in April

After four years in New York City, The Wall Street Journal reports that Cadillac is moving its headquarters back to Detroit. This comes about four months after former head Johan de Nysschen was ousted from the automaker for a variety of reasons, including slumping sales and a product line not in concert with consumer tastes. It's also months after a Cadillac spokesperson told The Detroit Free Press that "It's 100 percent that we're staying [in New York City], that was never a question."

Let's be clear about this, the move to New York was not Cadillac's biggest issue. As contributing editor James Riswick reminded us this morning, "the decision to sell three similarly sized large sedans, a variety of obsessive BMW-fighting cars, and only one crossover was not done while they were in New York." That was all planned years ago, before de Nysschen ever joined the company. He may not have righted the ship, but he didn't set it on its course. Note that the XT4, Caddy's second crossover after the SRX-replacing XT5, is just now hitting the market.

The move to Manhattan was meant to give Cadillac more autonomy and put its leadership in a place where they could get a sense of what a luxury car buyer wants and needs. Detroit is great, but it can be an echo chamber, especially in a company as large and storied as General Motors. The problem is that Cadillac still relies heavily on Detroit and that poor communication was slowing development, according to the report.

Steve Carlisle, a long-time GM employee, took over the brand after de Nysschen was let go. He and more than 100 others work in New York.

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