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Lexus LY 650 luxury yacht is its fourth flagship

The 65.5-foot boat was inspired by the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept

Earlier, Lexus teased a "fourth flagship" vehicle, in addition to the LS sedan, LX SUV and LC coupe. We wondered what it could be. Production version of the LF-1 Limitless? But what's that little cylinder? Lexus cologne? Well, Lexus' fourth flagship is literally more like a ship. It's the LY 650 luxury yacht.

The 65.5-foot yacht has three staterooms, three heads, and it sleeps six people. It's powered by the choice of a Volvo IPS 1200 or Volvo IPS 1350 marine engine, and can hold 1,000 gallons of fuel.

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Lexus says the LY 650's creation was inspired by positive public reception to the 42-foot Lexus Sport Yacht Concept. And it joins a crowded ocean of luxurious yachts and/or submersibles from Porsche, Bugatti, Migaloo and Aston Martin.

Lexus tapped Wisconsin-based Marquis-Larson Boat Group to build, sell and service the luxurious boat.

While this wasn't quite the new Lexus flagship we expected, it certainly is beautiful. We hope we get a chance to climb aboard soon.

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