U.S.-market 2019 VW Golf R finally gets vivid Spektrum color options

Spektrum adds 40 special hues to choose from

  • Image Credit: Volkswagen
When it comes to cool cars and cool options, we frequently find ourselves looking jealously across the ocean at special editions and models we can't get. In regards to the Volkswagen Golf R hot hatchback, it actually had an option we could envy from just across the northern border. It's called the Spektrum Program, and it was available in Canada and allowed customers to pay a little extra to custom-order their Golf Rs in one of 40 colors beyond the somewhat drab standard hues. Thankfully, for the 2019 VW Golf R, Volkswagen is bringing the program here.

And in case you were wondering, no, the 40 colors aren't just minutely differentiated grays and silvers. There are some seriously bold colors that would be more likely to come out of Fiat-Chrysler. Just check out some of the colors above, such as Viper Green and Traffic Purple. You'll soon be able to see all the different colors in the Golf R configuration tool on the VW website, and dealers will have sample books to check out. But for a hint of what's to come, the Canadian configurator offers a preview.

Picking one of these vibrant hues will cost extra, specifically $2,500. That will push the price of a new Golf R right over the $40,000 mark, making an already pricey car more so. But if you have the scratch for a Golf R, you might be able to stretch for that custom color, which will make your car more personal and stand out. It's certainly less of a hassle than taking your brand new car to be custom painted at a paint shop, too, and it comes with the reassurance that it's been done to Volkswagen's standards.

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