Best seat covers for your car | Autoblog's picks

Interior looking drab? Spice it up with some new seat covers

Over time car seats can wear out and get damaged. A seat cover can help restore the look and comfort of your car's interior. We gathered a list of 5 top rated seat covers we think you'll love.

BarksBar pet front seat covers - $19.99
Waterproof and designed for front passenger seats on all standard vehicles, trucks, & SUVs.

BDK PolyCloth seat covers - $22.50
The kit comes with 2 front low back seat covers, rear bench cover, and 5 headrest covers.

FH Group unique flat - $28.99
Cloth seat cover 2 front covers, 1 solid rear bench cover that's 52 inches in length, and 5 headset covers.

BDK OS-334-CC seat covers - $35.50
Smooth wrinkle-resistant fabric. Prevents odor and dirt buildup.

Bell Automotive baja blanket - $14.35
Protects seats from wear and tear. Southwest inspired design will keep your interior colorful.

What kind of seat covers are you rocking out with?

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