Another day, another head-scratching Elon Musk tweet. No, we're not talking about the Hitler one. This one actually has our curiosity piqued:

For context, Samson Mow, the chief strategy officer of blockchain tech company Blockstream, is referring to a possible ride-on version of the Model X SUV for kids. Radio Flyer produced the youngster-scale Model S, which has been used as a prize as part of Tesla's referral program in the past.

Musk, though, says Tesla is working on a "mini-car" that will fit an adult. He doesn't offer any other details, so let the speculation begin.

Usually, when musk says he's going to offer something, he offers it (or something close), whether it's a Boring Company flamethrower, Ludicrous Mode or the infamous submarine coffin submersible escape capsule for kids trapped in a Thai cave. We're curious to see what this will actually be. Got an idea? Post a comment below.

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