Here are the top 5 trade-ins for Tesla Model 3s

The list is a bit of a mixed bag

Tesla had its Q2 earnings call this week, and for the most part it was positive news. Yes, the company posted a record loss, but Model 3 production is finally running as planned, and updates for V9.0 like enhanced Autopilot, a dash cam and built-in classic Atari games should make its cars more appealing than ever. In addition to the financial news, Tesla revealed an interesting list: the top-five trade-ins on Tesla Model 3s.

The list — supplied by The San Francisco Chronicle — is one where we hesitate to draw any big conclusions. In alphabetical order, the top five models traded in are the BMW 3 Series, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius. There's no specific breakdown in trim, but all five have base MSRPs lower than available Model 3s. The long-awaited $35,000 Tesla isn't available yet.

In terms of size, features, price and market position, the 3 Series is the closest competitor. The Leaf is the only other EV, suggesting that those buyers like the technology and were ready to step up to a car with more range. The Prius comes only as a hybrid, but those owners too might be fans of fuel-saving technology. While various versions of Civic and Accord hybrids have been offered over the years. That said, these Honda trade-ins could be any version, not just the electrified models.

We wish we could get some more info on the year and trim of the trade-ins or the top-five list for the Model S and Model X. And a list of the top 10 would be twice as interesting.

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