Kawasaki ZX10R sport bike re-created entirely out of cardboard

You can watch the full build in the video

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Brazil native Gabriel Arruda has taken the message to heart. Search his Facebook and YouTube pages and you'll find cardboard being used and reused in clever ways. It seems most of the projects are 1:1 scale re-creations of musical instruments like the tuba and clarinet. His biggest (and arguably coolest) project is a full-size Kawasaki ZX10R. Of course it, too, is made from cardboard.

You can see in the video that nearly every part of the Kawasaki is made from either cardboard or tape. It does look like there are a few bolts holding some pieces on. He uses scissors and knives to cut the pieces into place. A lot of the parts are functional, too. Just look at the movement of the mono shock or the way the gas cap actually locks into place. It's not some half-assed model either. It's very obviously a motorcycle, not a giant cardboard lump.

Unfortunately, no one at Autoblog speaks Portuguese, so we can't understand what Arruda is saying in the video. Either way, this is pretty damn cool. We're hoping the follow-up to the cardboard Kawasaki comes with four wheels rather than just two.

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