Volkswagen I.D. R sets Goodwood EV record

Romain Dumas also saved a wild slide through the grass

Volkswagen, and driver Romain Dumas, have been busy tackling hills with the I.D. R Pikes Peak electric race car. After setting a record at the famous challenge in Colorado, the car headed to the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed to show off there, as well. Of course, there are some great videos from the event.

The video at the top of the page shows the VW I.D. R in its shootout winning run, in which it clocked a mere 43.86 seconds up the FOS Hill Climb. That run earned the honor of being the fastest electric vehicle to tackle the FOS hill, and the first EV to win the shootout. It also makes it the third-fastest shootout-winning run up the hill ever.

But things could have gone a lot worse for VW and Dumas. On an earlier run, the I.D. R dropped all four wheels off the pavement, and began sliding across the grass:

Just when it looked like the car was going to head into the hay bales, Dumas rights it. The car spends several seconds driving across the grass before returning to the pavement. The announcers joke about laundry bills and lawnmowers as the car makes its way to the top, thankfully intact and able to go on and win the weekend.

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