In a batch of amazing cars to run up the Goodwood hill for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, one that everyone was watching with great interest was the Siemens autonomous Ford Mustang. It was a 1965 example with autonomous technology fitted, and, well, its run was disastrous. It weaved and nearly hit walls and constantly needed the driver to intervene. However, another autonomous vehicle tackled the hill and climbed it without incident (and without a nanny driver aboard): the Roboracer Robocar.

The car was first designed for a fully autonomous racing series that is still planned for the future. The company did both a practice run up the hill, shown above, and ran the car during the normal hillclimb event. Both runs went without incident. The second video, below, shows that the car managed to maintain its position in the middle of the road most of the way, though it looks like it was making many back-and-forth corrections. It also went up slower than many piloted cars. But in an event where the bar is simply not crashing into walls, it did phenomenally well.

Robocar has four 135 kW electric motors that produce 500 horsepower. The company claims that it can reach speeds of 200 mph. The run was completed thanks to Robocar's 360-degree vision, made possible by its numerous sensors. Sensors include lidar, radar, ultrasonic, camera, and GPS. Robocar's computer is powered by an Nvidia Drive PX2 processor that navigates it through its surroundings. Are you excited for the future of autonomous race cars?

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