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2020 Mini E caught in the Alps with concept looks

Check out those cool wheels

  • Image Credit: KGP Photography
The upcoming full-electric 2020 Mini E hatchback has been spotted in the wild, specifically the Alps. One of our spy photographers caught it while recharging. Fans of the concept shown at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show will be pleased to see that this more production-ready car takes many cues from the show car.

Unsurprisingly, the car does look pretty much the same as the standard Mini Hardtop. It has the round lights, broad grille section and upright Mini body. Differences show up first with the grille. Most of it is solid, which is understandable since an electric car typically doesn't need the amount of airflow an internal combustion car needs. There is a strip in the middle that is open, evident by circular cutouts. This is also a design that was featured on the concept, in which the two halves of the grille were solid, with an open slot dividing them. The rest of the bumper appears to be the same one used on the standard Mini Cooper Hardtop.

The sides of the car also seem to be identical to the normal Minis, but the wheels are unique to this electric iteration. They're cool four-spoke alloys that have aren't completely symmetrical. Three of the spokes are open and finished, but one has some additional metal, and it seems to connect with the center section where the lug nuts are. There will probably be a cover that goes over these sections. The overall look is directly taken from the Frankfurt concept.

At the back, the electric Mini still looks like a Mini, but with no provisions for an exhaust pipe. It also uses taillights from the pre-refresh model, but with some neat hexagonal texture on the lens. These will probably be replaced by the new Union Jack taillights, though. The interior continues the current Mini looks. The seats do have an interesting upholstery. It looks a bit like a gray denim.

This production Mini E Hardtop should arrive sometime next year, in keeping with BMW's promise made with the concept car's reveal. Specs are unknown, but we hope it will be comparable in power with the original Mini E introduced for the 2009 model year. That car had an impressive 204 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. Hopefully the new model will also improve on the old car's range, which was about 150 miles according to BMW.

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