It should come as no surprise that some fireworks celebrations on the Fourth of July lead to damage and destruction of property. Whether it's poor planning, a lack of skills or simply bad luck, fire departments are usually pretty busy. That wasn't exactly the case when this Jeep Wrangler TJ burnt to the ground. Despite about two dozen people around when the Wrangler caught fire, no one thought it best to call emergency services.

Last week, Chief Spokesperson for Montgomery County Maryland Fire & Rescue Service Pete Piringer sent out a tweet of a TJ that hadn't looked this rough since the body panels were just steel sheets moving through a press. According to Piringer, the fire was caused by a firework that was set off inside the vehicle. It's unclear if this was accidental or on purpose, though we imagine few people would actually want to burn their vehicles to the ground.

No one was hurt by the fire. Despite no one calling the fire department, a few attendees attempted to put the fire out. Damages to the Wrangler TJ (built between 1997 and 2006) come out to more than $5,000. A follow-up tweet from Piringer said "charges pending," tagging the Montgomery County Fire Department, Office of Fire & Explosive Investigations/Bomb Squad and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. It seems fireworks are illegal in Montgomery County.

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