Russian man tries to craft a tire from 600 rolls of electrical tape

Testing the hypothesis none of us has been wondering about

Let's say you're driving along in a beater car and you suffer a puncture. The spare tire turns out to be even less useful than the flat tire, but you have endless rolls of electrical tape in your car's trunk for hypothetical reasons. You also somehow have tools to remove the ruined tire from the rim, or perhaps you just limp along on it long enough that the tire remnants leave the battered wheel. Skip all these little details, and fast forward to the real question: Can you use ridiculous amounts of blue electrical tape as a substitute for a tire?

If this is something you've ever wondered, wonder no more. This Russian YouTube channel stepped up to the challenge and produced a video, complete with an English-language voiceover, to answer the dilemma. Rolls and rolls of blue electrical tape are applied on a bare wheel, still attached to the hub of an old Lada, until the entire concoction vaguely resembles a tire. It's verified to withstand nails, the Lada can do a burnout of sorts, and the effort generally does not go to waste. It still ends up in a horrible mess as the tape-tire inevitably gets shredded, but that was sort of expected, wasn't it? The best thing about this well-done video is that we don't have to attempt it ourselves.

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