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Here's the new Suzuki Jimny in official photos

New microsite shows Suzuki's upcoming small SUV

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Finally! The new generation Suzuki Jimny has been officially revealed, ready to replace the old model built since 1998. Or rather, Suzuki has at least l aunched a microsite dedicated to the small SUV's latest iteration, complete with color palette. The signature Kinetic Yellow launch color gets a similarly noticeable Brisk Blue alternative; the rest of the colors are more muted.

Previously, photos of undisguised Jimnys had started coming out of the woodwork. Now we can have an official look at the neatly designed little Suzuki. It's not retro, but completely functional; these shots also show the fender flares missing from the JDM cars. When it comes to vehicles this small, the Jimny might be the boxiest thing produced since the original Fiat Panda ceased to be made in 2003. The rear hatch is the width of the entire rear, making cargo loading easy — the only hindrance we can see is that even on a left-hand-drive vehicle, the hinges are on the right, complicating things a little when one is street-parked.

The interior has also survived transition into production quite nicely, with the big infotainment screen placed as high on the dash as possible. The materials on the dash look hard-wearing even in the official render, and the switchgear looks like it can be handled with gloves on.

Engine specifications have not yet been announced on Suzuki's site at the time of writing, with the only technical photo a shot of the longitudinal engine perched on the ladder frame, accompanied by a mention of a three-link rigid axle suspension and part-time 4WD complete with low range. There are rumors of optional hybrid tech.

Suzuki also says 2.85 million Jimnys have been sold through March 2018: If the pricing (about $18,500 for the old model in Europe) remains affordable, that number is sure to rise nicely.

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