Surf on a golf course with this electric skateboard

GolfBoard eliminates the game’s ‘good walk spoiled’ factor

Surf on turf: Golfing just got a bit more exciting with this four-wheel board. GolfBoard is an electric "skateboard" designed to decrease time played on the course and generate more revenue.

The board is four-wheel drive with 4" by 11" tires. GolfBoard weighs 125 pounds and is designed to deliver less impact on the turf than that of golf carts.

With the performance package, GolfBoard can reach speeds of up to 14 mph. When the throttle is released, braking is activated and the board begins to slow to a stop.

GolfBoard claims that on a single charge the electric board can travel 18 miles, plenty of range to play a round of golf. Would you use this board to surf your next 18 holes?

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