‘Wheeler Dealers’’ Edd China is back with new YouTube car restoration show

The first project is a Jaguar E-Type

Not long ago, we learned that Edd China would be leaving the British TV show "Wheeler Dealers," which aired in the U.S. on Velocity. For those unfamiliar, China was the man responsible for fixing up the cars purchased on the show so they could be resold for a profit. The show was popular in part because of clear and calm examples of car repair from China. Since his departure from the show, we've wondered what's next, and now we know: a YouTube series on car restoration.

China announced his participation in the new series via Twitter. It's called " Built by Many." According to the company behind the show, it will feature many videos on just one car, unlike the single hour-long episodes for one car on "Wheeler Dealers." The series, according to the company behind the project, will include "a wealth of 'how to' videos, plus a backstory on the car and the history of the legendary marque." Apparently throughout the series the team will be looking at audience feedback for the development of the show, as well as even getting audience members to help out with the restoration at certain points.

The first project for China and his partner on the show, Al Cox, is a 1968 Jaguar E-Type coupe with a 4.2-liter straight-six. The car is shown in the video above, in which the E-Type becomes a surprisingly good sounding drum kit. An official trailer for the show will be released on June 1, and the first episode will be released near the end of the month.

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