It looks like Ford is going to revive yet another of its classic nameplates. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office lists the name Maverick as having been trademarked by the Blue Oval once again. Along with the Maverick name, the company trademarked the name Timberline. Both were issued in mid-April. Ford initially applied for the Maverick trademark in December 2016 and the Timberline trademark in January 2018.

For the young'uns, the Maverick name was perhaps best known for its use on a small sedan and coupe from the '70s that was a size larger than the Ford Pinto. Under the hood could be an inline six-cylinder or a V8, or, if it's built by Sung Kang, an EcoBoost four-cylinder. The name also appeared in other markets on various Fords and even a few rebadged Nissans over the years. We doubt the Maverick name will be used on any sort of sedan or coupe considering Ford's product plans going forward. Instead, it will likely adorn a new crossover. That crossover could be one of a variety of sizes, since the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus will all be disappearing in the near future. It could be a great name for the upcoming "baby Bronco." It fits the idea of being spunky, unconventional (for an off-roader), and would be a great match for the Jeep Renegade.

The Timberline name appears to be new for Ford. Like Maverick, it will probably appear on a near-future crossover. It sounds particularly rugged and outdoorsy, so it might show up on a more off-road oriented vehicle. It could even be used as a trim level name, perhaps for the upcoming Bronco or even the Ranger.

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