Buick Enspire EV crossover concept claims 370 miles of range

Buick also claims a 0-60 time of 4 seconds

  • Image Credit: Buick
For the Beijing Auto Show, Buick is showing yet another crossover, this one in concept form. It's called the Buick Enspire, and unlike the rest of the brand's crossovers, this one is all electric. It's more than just a repurposed Bolt EV, too. Instead of the Bolt's 150 kW and 200-horsepower motor, the Buick has a 410 kW motor, which equates to 550 horsepower. Buick claims the motor will get the crossover to 60 mph in just 4 seconds.

The Enspire isn't all about performance, though. It would also have a very healthy claimed range of 370 miles, topping that of the longest-range Tesla. Fast charging is supported, with Buick saying it can recover 80 percent of its charge within 40 minutes, though the company doesn't say how potent the charger used for that number is. It also apparently has support for wireless charging.

This Enspire concept is rather pleasant looking, too. It has smooth, elegant curves draped on a body with a very wide, aggressive stance. The grille is an interesting evolution of Buick's current design, exaggerating the current crossbar into large wings that spread into the lights, and trading the vertical slats of the main grille for a solid illuminated insert. The rear taillights are also distinctive in how they comprise one long, slender line that form a pseudo spoiler in the rear hatch. The interior is plenty swoopy, too, with a number of futuristic touches. It has an OLED touchscreen for infotainment, and the windshield features augmented reality capabilities displaying road information and navigation routes. Luxury touches include real wood arm rests and center console.

Whether we'll see a production Buick with the capabilities of the Enspire is anyone's guess. Surely to have that level of power and range would make it immensely expensive, similar to or surpassing the Tesla Model S and the Jaguar I-Pace. That would be rarefied air for Buick. But we wouldn't be surprised to see either an all-new crossover, or a redesigned current model, sporting the designs seen on this concept. And many of the cues will likely spill over to other Buick products.

And while the performance seen in this concept might not reach production, we also wouldn't rule out an electric Buick of some sort, probably a crossover in the near future. General Motors has made it very clear it's going to push electric vehicle development, and a Buick crossover would be a good choice for a few reasons. First of course is the fact that the crossover market shows no signs of slowing, making it more salable. Second is that Buick is popular in China, meaning GM could probably sell a good number of these hypothetical electric crossovers there.

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