Truck crashes, causes cascade of kegs to spill onto highway

Party foul in Pennsylvania!

Around 9 a.m. on April 10, a semi-truck in Pennsylvania carrying a load of kegs to Delaware crashed on the highway, according to Philadelphia NBC affiliate NBC 10. The news source says the truck went over an off-ramp and down onto I-95 that passed below. The truck and trailer were completely wrecked and sent oodles of kegs across the roadway.

No beer was harmed in the crash as the kegs were all empty. The driver of the truck, though, as NBC 10 reports, was hurt in the crash but is in stable condition at the hospital. As seen in the video above from Associated Press, a red Mazda3 was also involved. According to CBS Philly, the driver of the car should be fine after making a recovery.

The crash resulted in most of the highway being closed, as shown in the above video, and NBC 10 reports some drivers had made their way around the crash on the shoulder. The news source reports that section of the interstate was reopened around 11 am the same day.

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