2019 Ford Edge ST adds a much-needed dose of edginess

Some officials specs and details about this performance crossover

  • Image Credit: Ford
Ford is ready to talk a little more about the 2019 Edge ST, starting with how the muscled-up crossover will make best use of its extra power. We know there will be 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque coming from the 2.7-liter EcoBoost, meaning 20 hp and 30 lb-ft more than the 2018 Edge Sport AWD with the same engine. The Edge ST becomes the first application of Ford's eight-speed SelectShift automatic transmission, providing two more gears to put the power down through standard all-wheel drive.

Sensory satisfactions of hopping into Sport mode start with the instrument cluster — the space to the left of the speedometer switches from a plain, blue tachometer to a red-hued tacho with a gear indicator. An active noise system puts a more compelling note in the cabin, though we really wish such antics weren't necessary.

As for driving satisfaction, in addition to more cogs, the pilot benefits from faster shift times than with the Edge's usual six-speed gearbox after activating Sport mode, while standard paddle shifters enable full control of the transmission. Sharper throttle response in Sport works a more vigorous shift algorithm that holds gears longer on acceleration and through corners. Keener engine braking helps set up for corners, and hard deceleration cues the transmission to drop through gears sooner with rev-matched downshifts. Ford says there are new ESC and traction control programs, but won't tell us anything about them yet.

Speaking of brakes, an optional Performance pack swaps in front rotors "optimized for performance and cooling," which could mean they're either slotted or drilled, if not of a new compound. The front calipers wear a dust shield, and upgraded pads go on front and rear "to provide a consistent and prolonged track experience." Although we're not sure how many hard laps you'd expect from a 4,400-pound crossover with twin-pot calipers in front and a single-piston caliper in back. The stoppers hide behind 20-inch wheels as standard, the Performance Pack bolts on a set of 21s.

Everything looks good so far. If the driving pleasure can match the press release, and Ford can price it right, the Edge ST could be the bullhorn the model's been looking for. We'll look forward to more information before we get the chance to drive it later this year.

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