What's with all the weird bridge news this week? First there was the truck with the raised dump trailer that clobbered a bridge in a video. Then the Slow Mo Guys created their own bridge crash and got some great video. Now, highway workers have rescued two little goats who lost their way — stranded on a beam of the Mahoning River Bridge, near New Castle, Pa. They were midspan on the 1,700-foot-long bridge, which is 109 feet tall.

Fortunately, they're goats, which are surefooted natural climbers in the wild. (And in captivity. They're loving pets, but they have the annoying habit of clambering on top of things like cars.) These goats, on a walkabout from a nearby farm, must have reached the bridge and thought, "Hey, we're goats, we've got this." But somewhere along the way, one of them managed to get turned around on the eight-inch-wide beam. Now facing each other, they were stuck.

Stuck for 18 hours. No matter how good a climber you are, 18 hours on an eight-inch beam is rough. Especially if someone needs milking.

But turnpike workers and state police, using a crane, got the goats.

"Went underneath and we grabbed the white goat first, 'cause she was the one facing the other direction. We thought if we could get her up that there was a chance that we could get the brown one to be able to walk back on the beam on its own," said highway worker Todd Tilson. "It was very lucky how everything came out because we didn't have the slightest idea how they were gonna react once we got close to them.

"It's unbelievable, but with this day in society, I think everyone wants a feel good story."

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