Motorcyclist rides underside of SUV out of T-bone crash

Quick reflexes help rider survive this close shave

Quick reflexes and a bit of luck can make a big difference in an accident, especially when you're a motorcyclist caught between a car and an SUV. This hair-raising helmet-cam video is evidence of that. YouTube user Malik Elizee walked away from a close call when a Chevy Camaro T-boned a Toyota RAV4 directly in his path.

In the video, the rider is behind a white Ford Fusion sedan at an intersection when the light turns green. As the cars in front begin to proceed through the intersection, the Camaro appears to run the red light from the left, smashing into the side of the RAV4 in the adjacent lane. The Toyota tips up onto its side, sliding into the Ford and to the path of the motorcyclist, who doesn't have time to stop before ending up right in the middle of tons of flying metal.

As the motorcycle plows into the underside of the SUV, the rider grabs on, his gloved right hand sliding across the RAV4's exhaust before he finds a handhold near the suspension. He rides the SUV a few feet before letting go, rolling out of the way of the advancing grill of the Camaro, his bike sliding across the pavement behind him.

Then he stands up, briefly looking back at the wreckage of the three smashed cars as he walks over to the edge of the road and lies down on the grass, relieved to be alive and intact.

Elizee, who notes that the crash occurred in Plano, Texas, writes:

Someone ran a red light and I got real lucky.

To answer some common questions: No one left in an ambulance, myself included. I was wearing most of my gear (was only going up the road so only had on regular jeans and boots), gloves and jacket saved me what would've been some serious sliding damage.

The bike would've been a lot worse shape if not for my frame sliders. My frame slider is completely grinded and destroyed but it saved most of the bike. Other than some broken plastic and mirror, the damage isn't too serious. Still can start up and ride, I actually rode it home.

That could've been a lot worse. We're glad it wasn't. Stay safe out there, folks.

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