BMW iX3 electric SUV to arrive in 2020

The iNEXT concept will also see production, says BMW CEO

The i4 four-door coupe wasn't the only BMW electric vehicle confirmed today. As reported by Auto Express, the 2020 BMW iX3 will also be part of BMW's next-decade "product offensive," confirming what we already suspected about the brand's first full-electric SUV. The increasingly electrifying carmaker plans to offer 25 electrified models by 2025.

From 2020 on, BMW will be able to make any of its model series all-electric, a move that is preceded by the manufacturer trademarking all possible SUV model names between iX1 and iX9. BMW CEO Harald Kruger also confirmed that a concept version of the iX3 will be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show next month. Kruger said that the i4 will reach a range of 435 miles on a single charge, and indicated that every "eDrive" model will get between 340 and 435 miles. It's unclear whether "eDrive" includes the iX3.

In his speech at an annual BMW finance conference, Kruger also said that the iNEXT concept will spawn a production version, which will be made in Germany. The iNEXT is such a fanciful concept that it's difficult to say what might come of it in the real world, but Kruger described it as the manufacturer's "technology flagship." Presumably, that means it will serve as a "halo car" for BMW that would usher in new features that would later to trickle down to higher-volume cars.

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