If the company's latest teaser is anything to go by, BMW has a seriously pretty car to reveal at the Geneva Motor Show. BMW released it on Twitter, and it simply shows the profile of a long, curvy, coupe-like vehicle. It has the traditional sports and GT car characteristics: long hood, short trunk, low raked windshield. But close examination reveals that, although coupe-like, it's actually a sedan, evidenced by gaps for front and rear doors.

Based on a recent rumor, we think this is an 8 Series Gran Coupe. Even though the production 8 Series two-door hasn't been unveiled yet, it's coming soon. Plus, a sleek 8 Series sedan would make for a good competitor to other coupe-like sedans from Mercedes and Audi, especially if one of the engine offerings is a version of BMW's twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 making upwards of 600 horsepower. We'll find out exactly what this is, and hopefully what's under the hood, when the car is fully unveiled next week in Geneva.

While we normally would make some jab at BMW for being too liberal with the coupe designations, we'll cut this model a bit of slack. It looks gorgeous, even from what little we can see, and isn't that the purpose of a coupe? To look more beautiful and sleek than a conventional sedan?

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