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Ford Motor Company Europe has developed a suit that can simulate the symptoms of being in the midst of a hangover. The suit weighs 37 pounds with weights on the head, ankle, wrist, and vest. Ford created this suit to show that even hungover driving can be as lethal as drunk driving.

Transcript: This suit gives you a hangover without the booze. Ford Europe created a hangover suit to show that it's not just drunk driving that can be lethal. The suit replicates certain hangover symptoms like a throbbing head, dizziness, and feeling tired and weak. There are goggles with a lens that blocks all warm light, and a lamp that projects cool light onto the eye simulating hypersensitivity to light and dizziness. A migraine headache is simulated with a pair of headphones that increases the volume of surrounding sounds. The sound of pulsing blood is also added. Weights are also added to the head, wrist, ankles, and vest to simulate the feeling of exhaustion. The suit weighs 37 lbs. Ford wants drivers to know that after a night of drinking, even with no alcohol in your blood, driving can be dangerous.

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