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Naked next-gen Ford Focus caught at photo shoot

And it looks to be a more "grown-up" ST

  • Image Credit: Tamas/Vezess
A car spotter named Tamás snapped pictures of two 2019 Ford Focus models at a photo shoot in Cascais, Portugal, then submitted the images to Hungarian car magazine Vezess. We can't make out any Ford badging on the four-door hatchback's body, but those look like Ford ovals in the wheel center caps and we're told that's an ST badge on the front fender. Also, the shapes line up perfectly with spy shots of the painted, uncovered Focus we've run previously.

Further tells for the blue car being an ST trim are the two-tone alloy wheels, the sculpted roof spoiler, and the prominent rear diffuser. Tamás caught another, covered Focus model at the shoot that could be the lush Vignale model that Europe will get, but we won't. The European Focus built in Germany will come in wagon and hatchback forms, and the new generation will also include a crossover-like Active model. It's predicted the China-built model coming to the U.S. will either be the hatchback or the sedan.

The overall look supports Ford statements that the coming Focus will be more "upmarket" and mature than the one just ushered out with a Tief Orange RS Heritage Edition. To our eyes, the grown-up approach makes this Focus look more routine, as if it joined a "Me Too!" club already populated by the Mazda3, Hyundai Elantra GT, and Opel Astra. All of them are handsome cars, in their homogeneously good-looking ways, though. We'll get a closer, Ford-approved look at the new Focus in April, at a dedicated launch event.

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