Škoda seems to have a sense of humor. Volkswagen's Czech-based brand has introduced weird cars every now and then and their advertisements don't always take themselves too seriously.

Take this French Škoda commercial, which puts a full-size Škoda Superb sedan in the place of Elon Musk's space-bound cherry-red Tesla Roadster. The whole idea of the commercial is sending a Superb to Mars, countdown and all – and the car even features a tongue-in-cheek personal message to Elon himself.

Spoiler alert: It's not that Mars. But it's not a chocolate bar, either.

The current, third-generation Superb was introduced in 2015. Much like the Passat it's based on, each generation has been slightly bigger than the last. Each has always been made significantly more competitive, blurring the line between Volkswagen and its supposed budget brand. This is the first generation to officially visit Mars ... that we can confirm.

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