There's a lot we already know about the upcoming Toyota Supra. For one, it will finally debut in Geneva — in four trim variants, in fact, under the Gazoo Racing banner. We know it'll have an inline-six, almost certainly a couple of powerful twin-turbo units provided by chassis partner BMW. Yup, the Supra bones will underpin the Z4, or vice versa. Toyota has revealed strong hints that it'll remain rear-wheel drive, like the original. It won't have a manual — save your tears, they won't change a thing in that regard. And finally, we have confirmation that the spy shots we've been seeing for a long, long time are accurate enough: this teaser, showing off the double-bubble roof and the swept-up trunk lid.

It also shows a massive rear wing, although it's a more traditional flat airfoil with twin uprights inboard of the ends, rather than the big basket-handle on the iconic Mk. IV Turbos.

Oh, one more thing: It might not be called the Supra at all. But if reports from earlier are correct, the Gazoo Racing subbrand will appear in the trim level names: GR, GR Sport, and GRMN (Gazoo Racing tuned by Meisters of the Nürburgring). We sincerely hope that Toyota decides the GR-based trim names are a little too outré for the U.S. market and comes up with a different trim level scheme for our domestic consumption. Then again, all will be revealed in Geneva in a few short weeks. We can't wait to finally see the production version of the Supra.

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