World Rallycross Championship could go electric in 2020

There are plans afoot to flip the switch in just a couple of years.

How does an all-electric rallycross championship sound? Less raucous, certainly. is reporting that electric rallycars will form the headline category of the 2020 World Rallycross Championship.

As the site quotes an unnamed insider source: "Electric cars will be the world championship. They absolutely, categorically will be the world championship." A requirement will be set for 15 cars to compete in 2020, and nine manufacturers are reportedly included in negotiations.

There will be a shared monocoque structure with a class-wide safety kit which will be supplied as a chassis including suspension and braking systems, which will also open up the electric car class to privateer teams with less money than a manufacturer team. The composite body shells on top of the aforementioned chassis structures will be different from each other, as well as electric motors; FIA is said to be issuing tenders for the chassis kits and battery packs in the coming weeks. As for manufacturers, Peugeot and Audi's motorsport arms had already expressed their interest in electric rallycross earlier.

As for internal combustion engines, the source added "Electric World RX cars doesn't mean the current Supercars go away — there's absolutely 100 percent commitment to keeping the current Supercars." Likely plans include competing with traditional, non-electric cars in specified regions, either focusing on Europe or internationally.

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