Transcript: MOPAR offers 200+ options for the 2019 Ram 1500. Ram and MOPAR have collaborated to customize a Flame Red 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Sport 4x4. Which made its debut at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. The collab showcases some of the 200+ MOPAR parts and accessories available for the outdoor-sport-themed truck. The customized 1500 includes a 2-inch lift kit for additional off-road clearance, and sits on 35-inch tires wrapped around 18-inch off-road beadlock-capable wheels. MOPAR also includes “Ram Airflow” which sends cold air to a 395 horsepower, 410 pound-feet of torque 5.7-liter V8 Hemi engine. The intake will be available later this year and is compatible with all hood applications for the new Ram lineup. MOPARS Flame Red 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Sport 4x4 debut at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. The Flame Red Ram showcased some of the 200 plus MOPAR accessories. Including a 2-inch lift kit, 18-inch off-road beadlock-capable wheels, and “Ram Airflow.” For more coverage of the 2018 Chicago Auto Show head over to

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