DJI Mavic Air Weighs in at 340 Grams

Transcript: Dji Mavic Air is here. Weighs at just 430 grams and nearly the size of a smartphone when folded. The Mavic Air uses a 1/2.3” Cmos sensor with a comparable 24mm lens with f2.8 This is also the first DJI drone to have 8gb of internal storage. Expandable micro SD storage slot with USB-c port. New asteroid and boomerang quick shot modes use automated flight patterns to create complicated shots with ease. The Mavic Air uses FlightAutonomy 2.0 using seven onboard cameras to map the surrounding environment. The front and rear vision camera systems now sense objects up to 66 ft away automatically helping pilots avoid obstacles. Max flight time up to 21 mins. Flight speed up to 42 mph in sport mode. Priced starting at $799 USD

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