Big news always comes out of the Detroit Auto Show, and 2018 was no different. Except that the big news this year was all about big vehicles that sell in even bigger numbers. Big deals, in other words.

Fullsize trucks continue to dominate the sales charts in America, led by the Ford F-Series line of pickups. But the Chevy Silverado and Ram 1500 were the headline grabbers in Detroit, unveiled as they were with new styling and new powertrains that include hybrids and diesels. Here at Autoblog, we found our readers to be particularly interested in the Ram, and we agree – the Ram won our vote as best-in-show.

Moving down the bigness ladder a rung brings us to midsize trucks, another hot category here in these United States. The big reveal from Ford was the reintroduction of the Ranger into the American market. It gets a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that Ford promises will be class-leading, and we're intrigued.

But there's more than just trucks in Detroit. In this episode of our weekly Sunday Drive series, we've dredged up some side-by-side spec-sheet comparisons of the hottest debuts from Detroit, starting with the big trucks and moving down from there. Finally, we line two Mustangs up – the new Bullitt, which was displayed alongside the unrestored original from 1968, and the current 2018 GT – for a virtual head-to-head grudge match.

As always, tune in to Autoblog every day for all the latest automotive news.

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