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Subaru has revealed the Viziv Performance STI Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and it's pretty much what you would expect. It's very closely related to the Viziv Performance Concept from the Tokyo Auto Show last year, but it's been given a bevy of flashy STI parts to make it aggressive.

Up front, a deep lip spoiler complements a redesigned front bumper that does away with the two outboard air intakes and opens up the center one. According to a Subaru designer, it improves the cooling and aerodynamics. Having the blocked-off intakes on each side with STI logos is also a nice throwback to old Impreza STI models that often had blank panels with the logo over the foglight openings. Around the side are side skirts, and at the back are small extensions to the same diffuser from the earlier Viziv concept. And of course, there's a massive wing at the back.

What's interesting is how much of the normal Viziv remains under the STI logos, decals and wings. The fenders look nearly untouched, and the hood scoop is the same size and shape as the standard concept. Even the exhaust, taillights and headlights are all the same. Then again, between the production WRX and WRX STI, the only real visible differences are the rear wing, wheels and front spoiler. And, if the Viziv Performance concepts preview future WRX and STI models, following that model makes sense.

Of course the big differences between WRX and STI models are under the skin. Unfortunately, Subaru doesn't reveal a thing about what hypothetical powertrain is under this STI. Maybe we shouldn't be so surprised though, since the company didn't say anything about the regular one either. Only the use of a flat-four and all-wheel drive are certain. For that matter, even the styling isn't truly certain. While we can hope that the next WRX and WRX STI have the muscular look of these concepts, we have reason to be skeptical. But instead of getting cynical and sad, let's just enjoy this for what it is: a cool STI concept.

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