Kia announced that it will show a new electric concept car at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. The announcement didn't explicitly say what the vehicle is, but that's fine, because the teaser images above reveal the car's "secret" identity. At the back of the car are bright glowing letters spelling out the name "Niro EV."

Even without seeing the name, the images make it pretty clear this is a Niro of some sort. The profile fits the production hybrid and plug-in hybrid production cars, especially the upright and wide rear hatch. It also has the Niro's distinct hood with twin creases above the headlights.

There are a number of styling changes, though, mainly up front. The headlights look to be more swept back and have LED strakes for style. The taillights mirror this design, and they add a center portion between the main elements to make the lights full width. Additional three-pointed fog lights are also added front and rear. The grille at the front is no longer a grille, instead now featuring a bunch of little lights. This may have something to do with the "motion graphic" lighting technology Kia will show on the car, since it looks like the pattern and intensity could change. The shape of this faux grille panel also looks wider and slimmer than that on the production Niro.

On the topic of production Niros, we wouldn't be surprised if this full EV Niro makes it to market. The Niro is based on the Hyundai Ioniq, which itself offers normal hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full electric variants. And since the Niro is already available in hybrid and plug-in versions, a full EV would round out the model nicely. It wouldn't be without work, since the electric version of the Ioniq has a torsion bar suspension rather than the multi-link setup in the hybrid Ioniqs and Niros in order to fit the larger battery pack, but it's far from impossible. Stay tuned for more info on the concept and any news on a production version.

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