Drive using just your brainwaves? Nissan has a cap and a car for that

The brain-to-vehicle tech for CES requires this fancy helmet.

As cars become more and more advanced with semi-autonomous driving features, it seems the driver has less and less to do in the car. Look at Cadillac's Super Cruise feature. The disconnect is so great that a driver doesn't even need to touch the wheel while driving on the highway. Nissan is hoping to bridge the ever-growing gap with its brain-to-vehicle technology, and all it takes is some silly looking headwear and a bit of positive thinking.

Yes, we're talking about using brainwaves to control your car. According to Nissan, this new B2V tech is intended to do two things. First, it will predict a driver's intention to initiate movement like changing lanes or accelerating. Second, the system is supposed to detect driver comfort and adjust the driving mode accordingly. It's all very vague, and Nissan's preview doesn't go into a lot of detail on how the whole thing works.

Nissan says it will make cars more engaging than ever, something enthusiasts have worried about since cruise control was introduced decades ago. I still prefer to control the car myself, so all I want is for my vehicle to find a clean restroom or a particularly high roadside bush when I think about taking a break on a long road trip. That's what will really sell this for me. Nissan's new headgear will make its debut next week at CES in Las Vegas.

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