The 2018 Kia Stinger is a looker, and at least in twin-turbo V6 guise, a pretty impressive performer, too. Not only that, its base price of $32,795 is quite attractive for the base turbocharged four-cylinder model, which with 255 horsepower and rear-drive is still a compelling package. Unfortunately, there's a hitch with the affordable four-cylinder cars: You don't have any real color choice.

As it turns out, the base-model Stinger has just three color options. They consist of white, silver, and black. Yay. Paying an extra $5,200 for the Stinger Premium, while adding additional features such as a sunroof and premium sound system, only adds one more color, blue.

The only way to get the full spectrum of colors including white, silver, dark gray, black, blue and red is to pony up for a Stinger GT, the V6 version. That model starts at $1,250 more than the four-cylinder Stinger Premium, and $6,450 more than the base version. So if you want a colorful Stinger, you'd better be ready to buy the one with the big engine. On the plus side, though, you get a whole lot performance for not a lot more than a top-end four-cylinder.

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