Nissan's new Nismo Heritage program supplies R32 GT-R with OEM parts

Keeping Godzilla going.

  • Image Credit: Nissan
Nissan wants Japanese R-32 GT-R owners to be able to play the long game with the help of the just-launched Nismo Heritage program. The carmaker, and Nissan tuner Autech, studied the array of replacement parts for the coupe first nicknamed "Godzilla." Focusing on components necessary to keep the R32 running and able to pass vehicle inspections, Nismo Heritage chose around 80 parts to reproduce to OEM spec.

Nissan built the motorsports monster R32 from 1989 to 1995, and that GT-R enjoyed turbo-boosted popularity thanks to the Sony PlayStation game "Gran Turismo," the Japanese television series " Initial D," and " The Fast and the Furious" franchise. According to a UK GT-R forum, Nissan built 43,934 units of the R32 — far more than the R33 and R34, but still a specialty proposition. After nearly three decades of fanatic owners, hard driving, and wild modifications, some OEM pieces are difficult to source.

The Nismo Heritage program opens to the Japanese market first; bits like harnesses, hoses, pulleys, exterior pieces such as the front bumper, and emblems go on sale on Dec. 1. Nissan says it will watch the market, and could increase the R32 parts list with substitute, rebuilt, or overhauled components if a shortage of other critical parts becomes evident. Eventually, the program plans to expand its offerings to the R33 and R34 models.

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